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Our estate olive orchard was planted back in 2003 on terraces graded into our North facing hillside. The Tuscan variety, Frantoio, comprises about 90% of the crop with the balance including Pendolino & Leccino varieties.
The trees were about 3 feet tall when planted, and now they have matured nicely with heights up to 14 feet.
We farm utilizing sustainable methods with no pesticides. We prune lightly every couple of years and let nature do the rest. Taste the results!
Estate Olive Orchard
San Miguel Olive Oil Company
Our estate-grown Frantoio olives (Tuscan Blend) are cold pressed hours after harvest to preserve the varietal characteristics and freshness of this exquisite fruit.
This oil is rustic and complex with a pungent personality, yet has a surprisingly rich and peppery mouth feel with a hint of distinct herbal undertones of artichoke and green pepper.
This oil pairs well with vegetables, meat, grilled fish, and particularly hot dishes such as soup and pasta where aromas can fully show themselves.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Infused with Red Chili Flakes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spicy Olive Oil
Plain Olive Oil
$12.00 | 250mL (8.4 fl oz)
infused w/Red Chili Flakes
$14.00 | 250mL (8.4 fl oz)
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